The Stylized Fire Rig allows you to create stylized 2D animated fire in After Effects without the need for keyframes. Customize it to your liking! The most important features of this project include:
Adjustable Flame Count: Change the number of flames in the fire, ranging from 1 to 5 flames.
Secondary Fire Particles: Add secondary fire particles for extra realism.
Fire Direction Control: Alter the fire direction to the right or left.
FPS Speed Control: Adjust the fire speed in frames per second (FPS).
Edge Style: Choose between sharp or rounded edges.
Frequency and Amplitude Modification: Fine-tune the fire’s frequency and amplitude.
Enhanced Distortion Detail: Add more detail to the fire distortion

Animated Grain: Introduce animated grain and customize it.
Boiling Effect: Apply and adjust the boiling effect.
Internal Secondary Fire: Add a second internal fire layer.
Color Variations: Switch between single color, dual colors, or color gradients for the fire.
Color Customization: Modify the primary color, secondary color, and grain color.
Tip Height and Width: Adjust the height and width of the fire tips.
Glow Enhancement: Add a glowing effect to the fire.
The project is compatible with Adobe After Effects 23.X and later versions. No additional plugins are required for the fire to function. However, if you need different fire variations within a project, I recommend using the option to extract controllers from the Free Duik Angela plugin. Instructions for downloading and installing the plugin are included in the help documentation.

Please note that the project does not include any additional graphics seen in the preview—only the fire rig itself. Additionally, there are two video tutorials included, demonstrating how to use the fire, create duplicates, and generate different versions. The tutorials are in Spanish with English subtitles.
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