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Hello! My name is Iván Casal. I´m from Guayaquil, Ecuador.
I worked as a graphic designer, video editor and post-producer in my country, but my real passion is animation. I love to create and give life to inanimate objects with any type of animation. I like to experiment and go learning along the way.
In 2015 I dedicated myself to being freelance, and also created Happy Motion. Initially, the idea of "happy motion" was to make myself known as an animator, but eventually also decided to add illustration and 3D modeling to my portfolio.
I like traditional animation, so empirically learned to create such animations and I started with small animations for Vine and Instagram.
Then I started working with some people who have seen my work on my social networks, like my Facebook Fan Page and I look forward to working on many more projects. If you want to contact me for some project of animation, illustration or 3D modeling, you can do it Here.

The Warrior Frog

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