My name is Iván Casal AKA Happy Motion, from Guayaquil, Ecuador.
I'm a 2d Animator and Motion Graphics Artist, but I love creating and bringing characters and inanimate objects to life, experimenting with any type of animation. That is why I really like doing personal projects, in this way I keep myself in constant learning.
In November 2014 I started the adventure of being a freelance animator and at the same time I created my personal brand "Happy Motion" with the idea of ​​showing my progress as an animator by posting small animations on platforms like Vine, Instagram or Facebook. Over time I became known as a professional animator and I have managed to work for clients inside and outside my country. Some of the clients I have had the opportunity to work for are: Pepsi, UN, UNHCR, UNICEF, Pink, Funka Fest, Perla Bebe, Crehana, 7Up, among others.
In my search for new shapes and creative media, in 2017 I acquired an Oculus Rift device (I currently use a Meta Quest 2) and discovered Medium by Adobe and Quill by Smoothstep, softwares to do sculpture and animation in Virtual Reality respectively, and I love it . Also in 2020 I created the Clan DE ARTISTAS VR together with my friend and colleague Miguel Vélez. It is a community of artists in Virtual Reality in Spanish, which serves to share the talent of artists from Iberoamerica, we also conduct interviews with different professional VR artists that can be seen on our YouTube channel. In 2021 Goro Fujita invited me to teach this VR animation class for the Virtual Animation community.
I like to share my knowledge and that is why every Saturday, since May 30, 2021, on Instagram and Tiktok, I share After Effects tips. In 2022 I created my Gumroad, where everybody can download each tip in high quality, in addition to other more advanced tutorials. I am also teacher on Crehana platform with 4 animation courses and more than 109k students. And when I have time I give online courses with live classes.
 If you want to contact me for some project you can do it Here.
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