#Anitober is my animation project inspired by Jake Parker´s #inktober. Despite I like illustration, I love animation even more, so I decided to make a daily frame by frame animation instead of illustration, but it was really hard to make it daily, so I achieved only make 11 animations.

My rules were:
1. Software: TvPaint
2. Format : Square 1080 x 1080
3. Frame by frame.
4. Loop.
5. GIF.
6. Only Pencil Tool.
7. No Duration Limit.
8. Black & White
9. Follow the official inktober list.

Maybe the next year I´ll manage to make 31 animations.
Hope you like it. You can look the GIFs on www.happymotion.net or be.net/happymotion
Anitober Day 01: Fast
Anitober Day 02: Noisy
Anitober Day 03: Collect
Anitober Day 04: Hungry
Anitober Day 05: Sad
Anitober Day 06: Hidden
Anitober Day 07: Lost
Anitober Day 08: Rock
Anitober Day 09: Broken
Anitober Day 10: Jump
Anitober Day 11: Transport
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