Our friends of La Incre invited us to be part of beautifull world of Come Aventuras, a TV serie for UNICEF Ecuador of 22 episodes with Funny characters with educational storytelling and awareness for kids. 
We work in entire process from storyboards to final post produccion with amazing talented and human people.

One of our episodes in Unicef Ecuador YouTube channel

Animatic Vs Final Episode

Storyboard Process of one of our episodes

Design and Animation Process

Agency: La Incre
Production Co: Non Studio
Sound Design: Ivis Flies

Non Studio Credits
Directed by Mauricio Navas
Produced by Andrea Puga
Storyboard: Mauricio Navas, Fabricio Tapia, Sebastián Mosquera
Animatic: Kevin Trujillo, Sebastián Mosquera, Mauricio Navas
Character Design: Sergio Alarcon 
Background Design: Sergio Alarcon, Mauricio Navas
Rigging: Ivan Casal
Animation: Ivan Casal, Alexis Roura, Abel Barriga, Juan Pablo Páez, Kevin Trujillo
Compositing: Kevin Trujillo, Sebastián Mosquera

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